WHEN TO PLACE BIDS - Getting your top bid in early is always a good idea. Waiting to the last minute and having internet connection issues is never fun and beyond our control. We recommend being engaged in the auction 20 minutes prior to bidding closing. A lot of bidding takes place within the last 20 minutes and you do not want to miss your opportunity.
LIVE COUNTDOWN TIMER - When the auction is under 20 minutes from closing, the auction will begin a LIVE COUNTDOWN timer. NOTE: Lots will stay in numerical order when closing.
MAX BIDS - We highly recommend using the “Max Bid” feature to make it easier for you to manage bidding on multiple items and to save time. The software will enter your bid at the first increment level available on that lot. If someone outbids you the software will bid for you up to the maximum you had entered. If the bidding exceeds your minimum, an email would be sent to alert you, and you would have the option to raise your max bid if you so choose. Many manual bidders find that it seems every time they place a bid they are instantaneously outbid. This happens because a competitor has entered a max bid greater than the manual bid and the computer increments the competitor up immediately. You can avoid this by using the Max Bid feature.
WILL I BID IF I HIT THE BID BUTTON BY ACCIDENT - NO, if you hit the bid button a second alert will appear to confirm your bid.
HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT A SPECIFIC LOT - Click on the lot you have an inquiry about and click the envelope icon. This will allow you to send the auction company a question or comment regarding that specific lot.
HOW WILL I KNOW IF I WON THE BIDDING - The auction company will contact all winning bidders following the close of the auction via the email given at registration. If you need to be contacted a different way, please let the auction company know.
WHAT IS A SOFT CLOSE - If a bid is placed in the final 2-minutes of the auction, the close of the auction will be automatically extended 2-minutes (or whatever time is stated in terms & conditions) from the time the bid was placed. For Example: If an auction scheduled to close at 4:00 PM receives a bid at 3:59 PM, the close will automatically extend to 4:02 PM. The auto extend feature remains active until no further bids are received within a 2-minute time frame
WHAT IS A STAGGERED CLOSE - Lots within an auction can be staggered to give time in between closing times. For personal property, staggers can vary between 30 seconds to 1 minute. Example using the 1 minute stagger: Lot #1 closes at 6:00pm, Lot #2 closes at 6:01pm, Lot #3 closes at 6:02pm and so forth. *Check the sale terms for accurate stagger times. Stagger times are subject to change per sale.
HOW DO I PAY FOR MY ITEM(S) - You will receive an invoice once all bidding has completed. You will have the option to pay your invoice online by logging into your account, CLICK ACCOUNT, then INVOICE. OR you can pay the day of pickup. Payment options are Cash, Check or Credit Card.